Pilot Training Pricing

Student Registration Fee


This covers everything you need to get started with your training.  We have done some of the leg work for you as far as study materials.  In order to pass the FAA written test you will need to self-study at home.  Our staff has come up with a student pack that we feel encompasses everything you will need to gain the aviation knowledge needed to pass your written exam.  We took all that material and packaged it up in a nice flight bag with an RSA Flight Training logo t-shirt.  Also included in the registration fee is your student folder which contains all of the paperwork that is needed to comply with FAA flight training guidelines and your course syllabus.  Our instructors will use this to track your progress toward your private pilot certificate.  We also have kits and student folders available for your Instrument Rating.

Introductory Flight


This brief introduction to the airplane and general aviation will take about an hour.  You and one of our instructors will spend about 30 minutes doing a pre-flight inspection of the airplane.  During this time you will be introduced to the various components of the airplane and how they work.  After the pre-flight is complete, you will climb in and take the plane up for about a 45 minute flight.  Your instructor will actually have you fly the plane! You will have some guidance, of course.  In order to go on an introductory flight, you MUST bring proof of citizenship.  This can be a passport or a birth certificate, with the control number, and a government-issue photo ID.


$55 / hour in our plane

$65 / hour if using your own plane

Our FAA certified instructors will guide you through the ins and outs of flying.  From the pre-flight inspection to the final check ride, our instructors will make sure you are prepared to pass all of your examinations to earn your Private Pilot Certificate.

Flight Simulator Training

$110/hr. with Instructor

Use our state-of-the-art flight simulator to gain some experience no matter what the weather.  You can practice procedures, pre-fly a cross-country flight, or polish up on some VOR tracking.  The possibilities are nearly endless.  Also, you can use 2.5 hours of simulator time toward your private pilot requirements.  20 hours of simulator time can be logged toward your Instrument Rating and you can knock out 50 hours toward your Commercial Rating.  Our simulator can be used for much more.  Call or stop in the office to discuss the possibilities with our staff.  At $80 less per hour than the 172s and $135 less than the 182, you can see the value in utilizing our simulator.