Getting Started

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* For new students. Not needed for introductory flights.

Is learning to fly worth the time?

Absolutely!  The sense of freedom and excitement you feel the first time you leave the ground is incomparable.  Add the anticipation of what is to come and you are hooked.  You come to find that every flight is a different experience.  It is never just another day in the cockpit.  Is it worth the time?  Putting in the time to learn is just the beginning of a lifetime of aviation!  What could be more fulfilling?

Once you have completed your training, the sky is literally the limit.  All those places that seemed “just a little too far,” suddenly are a little closer.  Want to go to Philadelphia for lunch?  How about Cleveland for a concert?  They are just a short flight away and RSA Flight Training can show you how to get there.

Can I be a pilot?

The question is, what kind of pilot do you want to be?  If buzzing around the local area on a beautiful day is all you have in mind, there is a certificate for that.  If flying your friends around our beautiful state for the weekend seems more up your alley, we have you covered.  How about those times when the weather is not so agreeable, but you have plans and a few clouds will not keep you from them?  We can show you how to get there.  Want to increase your range and bring a few more friends?  How about a multi-engine rating?  And if you really love to fly, why not get a Commercial Rating and let that love put food on the table?

There are a few minimum requirements.  You must be 16 years old before you can solo, or fly the plane without your instructor.  In order to get your Private Pilot Certificate you must be 17.  Additionally, you must be able to pass an FAA medical examination.  You will need to self-study at home for the FAA written examination, but our instructors are always here to help you through that.  Once you have logged a minimum of 40 hours of flight time you are eligible for your oral examination and check ride.  Once you have passed those, you are a private pilot and can take to the skies!

How long does it take?

There is no concrete answer to this as it is different for everyone.  As with anything, there is a learning curve and people will catch on at different rates.  As mentioned above, you must have accumulated 40 hours of flying time before you are eligible to take your check ride for a Private Pilot certificate.  For most people it is going to take more than 40 hours of flight time before they and their instructor feel like an adequate level of proficiency has been attained.   Rest assured, we will make sure you are more than prepared before we send you out to share the skies with us.

The more time per week you can dedicate to reaching your goal, the easier it will come.  With learning a new skill repetition is the key.  You cannot expect to get a feel for flying if you do not make an effort to spend time in the air.  It is just that simple.  If you are committed to the task, it is not unreasonable to think you could obtain a Private Pilot certificate in 4-6 months.